7 Takeaways From Ampleforth Office Hours

7 Key Takeaways

  • $AMPL on Aave implementationaplicación is still in the works
  • The aAMPL code for $AMPL on Aave looks good and ready to be implemented
  • $AMPL and the $FORTH governance token will shine if the markets go sideways and we get another “DeFi Summer”.
  • $AMPL got a new governance forum and snapshot page.
  • $AMPL is expanding beyond Ethereum with a Multichain Bridge.
  • $AMPL derivatives are being worked on.

Where is AMPL at with AAVE?

Governance Updates

  • Forum.ampleforth.org will be replacing AmplTalk — it will be more targeted, with less spam, easier to moderate, and friendlier for users.
  • Signal.ampleforth.org is a new Snapshot Page — it will help gather community sentiment in a gas-free, non-binding way.

AMPL Multichain Bridge

  • To play with this cross-chain test bridge, you will need some testnet AMPL (Ropsten). You can get those by asking @Poe Mander @Timo K or @Sen for some in Discord.
  • You will also need some testnet ETH which you can get here: https://faucet.ropsten.be/ and the Ropsten AMPL contract address is: 0xd0e9335817f7b7c2567b784fd55b203697177e2a.

$AMPL Derivative Products

  • Rebase rate swaps
  • Swapping LP tokens
  • Leveraged $AMPL trades
  • Interest-bearing $AMPL that can be staked in other protocols
  • On-chain futures contracts
  • Insurance contracts
  • Leverage contracts that are purpose-built for elastic tokens
  • + So much more



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