A Story On How Publish0x Users Got Rewarded With Big $FORTH Money

Just the other day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and stumbled upon this tweet and started to investigate further:

Turns out the crypto publishing platform called Publish0x, which is like Medium but exclusive for crypto, had been tipping their users in $AMPL for simply reading and writing articles on their platform.

Lo and behold, these users were in for a nice surprise as this little bit of $AMPL they received for reading and writing on Publish0x ended up rewarding them with $FORTH tokens worth literally thousands of $$$.

Unbelievable. I knew the $FORTH airdrop was fair but didn’t realize it was this fair.

A short story on Publish0x Users

Publish0x is like Medium but exclusively for crypto content and people get tipped in crypto for reading and writing content.

One of the tokens used for tipping was $AMPL and users were able to withdraw it after meeting the super low $1.00 threshold. By doing so, many users for months have been marking their $AMPL footprint on-chain, making them eligible for the $FORTH airdrop.

It’s worth noting

A bunch of Success Stories

When I dug a little deeper to see if this was for real, I found countless success stories of Publish0x users (both writers and readers) who made bank on the $FORTH airdrop.

Just look at some of these success stories:

  • Publish0x User getting $8,626 in $FORTH (link)
  • Publish0x User with 3.4 $AMPL getting over $5000 (link)
  • Weekly $AMPL interactions pays off as Publish0x User claims over $7000 in $FORTH (link)
  • Publish0x Writer gets $7000+ in $FORTH because of tips in $AMPL (link)
  • Publish0x User gets $11,661 in $FORTH by storing $AMPL tips in two wallets (link)
  • Publish0x User gets $6280 in $FORTH and sells immediately for $ETH (link)
  • Active Publish0x user gets $7000 in $FORTH (link)
  • Publish0x Reader gets $1678 in $FORTH because of $AMPL tips (link)
  • Publish0x User shocked to receive over $1500 in $FORTH (link)

These kinds of $FORTH success stories on Publish0x go on and on. See for yourself by scrolling through the Publish0x posts with the $AMPL tag.

$FORTH didn’t care about the number of your $AMPL holdings

There is finally a project that doesn’t care about your wallet size.

Whether you’re a small fish or an $AMPL whale, the $FORTH rewarded to $AMPL users was the same. This is because the

$FORTH airdrop was based on $AMPL on-chain interactions and behavior, not balances.

For instance, a small fish with $100 in $AMPL for a period of time could have been rewarded with a similar amount of $FORTH as a whale with $1M+ in $AMPL for the same period of time.

This is because there’s a top at around 1000 $FORTH tokens a whale could have gotten, and the number of $FORTH anyone could receive was based on a points system for interacting with $AMPL on-chain.

$AMPL Point System:

  • Past, on-chain interaction with $AMPL = 1 point (max)
  • Geyser program participation (per day) = 1 point
  • Negative rebase hold (per day) = 1 point

With this point system in place, Ampleforth was able to create a wide distribution of $FORTH tokens and thus give tens of thousands of holders a voice in the future of Ampleforth.

That said, $FORTH might not be remembered as the airdrop that did a big bang, but surely it will be remembered for doing it in the fairest manner in DeFi so far.

Exciting times ahead

$AMPL is nearly 2 years old now and still, there are a lot of misconceptions about it, it’s not widely accepted on exchanges, and it hasn’t quite made its mark in DeFi… yet. However, in light of the $FORTH airdrop, things are about to get extremely exciting for $AMPL.

I believe the $FORTH airdrop is the catalyst that will open all doors for $AMPL.

  • It has already helped to raise $AMPL awareness in DeFi as shortly after $FORTH launched, the $AMPL on Aave proposal finally met the required threshold to be put into on-chain voting.
  • I think it will help $AMPL get listed on more exchanges as $FORTH has already been listed on Binance, Huobi, and OKEx; all three of which have not yet listed $AMPL due to user confusion surrounding its novel rebase mechanism.
  • It is helping to raise $AMPL awareness in DeFi by gaining so much traction on exchanges (people can now learn about $FORTH and $AMPL on Coinbase Earn!).
  • The successful launch of $FORTH is bringing more people into $AMPL and enabling people to steer the continued evolution of the Ampleforth ecosystem.
  • $FORTH will further decentralize Ampleforth and vastly improve the governance process for $AMPL.

PS. I started tagging my articles with *Stable Coin* to reach a wider audience on medium. I’m aware $AMPL is not a stablecoin.



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