$AMPL About to Mint USD Millionaires in the Upcoming Weeks

We’ve witnessed the Giga run of DeFi blue chips.

We’ve seen the L2 season.

We’ve seen the exchange season.

We’ve seen the 2017 memes season.

Till now, pretty much everything had its own pump season, with just one exception…

Yes, you guessed it right.

That’s $AMPL.

Why $AMPL is Late to The Party

$AMPL 1-year price chart (Source)

Look at $AMPL’s price chart. Nothing exciting right? Due to its nature, its price hovers around $1.00. But for those of you familiar with $AMPL, you know its price chart is not the one to get excited about.

You wanna look at its supply chart:

$AMPL 1-year supply chart (Source)

Now, doesn’t that look better?

$AMPL supply reached its ATH in the summer of 2020 and has since been bullishly consolidating with higher lows and higher highs. And it’s now on the rise, looking to form another high and enter its second major expansion cycle.

But did you know that 98% of the people who look at $AMPL don’t even know that the supply chart exists?

It’s true, they don’t.

Most people don’t realize that the price action they’re looking for is happening on the supply chart. This is because most people, who are not in the know about $AMPL, its rebases, and supply expansion, look at $AMPL like they do every other coin.

They look at the price, and that’s where they go wrong.

$AMPL Mechanics for you Newcomers (if you are not new, skip to the next headline)

If you’re new to $AMPL, or just haven’t wrapped your head around it yet, I’m going to take some time now to simply explain some key aspects about $AMPL that you must understand if you want to make money investing in it.

Let’s begin:

$AMPL is the first rebasing currency to ever exist. Every day at 02:00 UTC, the supply of $AMPL is automatically and proportionally adjusted across all wallets in response to demand.

If the price of $AMPL is above its expansion threshold of ~$1.06, the supply increases. If the price is below its contraction threshold of ~$0.96, the supply decreases. Arbitrators take advantage of the newly increased or decreased supply by selling or buying $AMPL, which then brings the price of $AMPL back to its equilibrium price of around $1.03 (the 2019 inflation-adjusted US Dollar).

$AMPL is non-dilutive, so your % ownership of the $AMPL network always stays the same, whether the supply increases or decreases.

It is a nascent currency, after all, so volatility is expected until mass adoption:

Stability Over Time (Imagine the x-axis is a 20-year timeframe)

Therefore, if you hold $AMPL through a negative rebase period (when $AMPL is below approx $0.97) and you see your $AMPL balance decrease day after day, there’s no need to worry, your % ownership of the $AMPL network stays the same.

And when $AMPL corrects back upwards and goes through a positive rebase period (when $AMPL is above $1.08), you will still own the same % of the network.

That would be it for starters.

$AMPL Has Its Own Party and it has Already Begun

While the $AMPL party has already begun… It is still accepting guests and it’s not too late to ride the next major expansion cycle. In fact, now is the perfect time to jump in as we’re already trending up.

$AMPL rebases last 30 days (Source)

Over the past 30 days, the vast majority of $AMPL rebases have been positive, meaning hodlers $AMPL balances are growing.

For instance, on April 21, 2021, $AMPL hodlers received a 3.66% increase on their balances. So, if you had 100 $AMPL on that date, you would receive 3.66 AMPL tokens right after the rebase, bringing your balance to the total of 103.66 $AMPL.

Then, the next day, hodlers received a 2.33% increase to net them 2.42 $AMPL, bringing the balance of our example to 106.08 $AMPL.

Do you see what’s going on here?

All those who remember the 1st great expansion will soon hop on board to enjoy crazy high positive rebases. $AMPL is yet to truly fly.

I mean, just look at how high the rebase % reached back in mid-2020. Positive rebases were near 30%!

So yes, if you had 1000 AMPL tokens today, then after a positive rebase of 30% you’ll end up with 1300 AMPLs.

$AMPL historical rebases (top) and $AMPL swaps per day (bottom) — Source

The reason $AMPL’s positive rebases got that high is that $AMPL reached a price of $3 briefly. That said, with $AMPL at just $1.30 today, it still allows you to buy yourself a ticket into the 2nd great expansion that is on the horizon.


The $AMPL party is getting big and it’s getting big fast. As the second major expansion cycle is upon us, people don’t want to miss out.

The high $AMPL price won’t last long. It will be a quick rollercoaster ride before fast actors bring it to its equilibrium.

It will be aggressive and wild.


All in all, $AMPL’s rebase at 3–4% levels is still nothing compared to mid-2020 during the 1st major expansion.

That said, we still have plenty of room to fly and with the number of new people getting into $AMPL, I think a $1B market cap is pretty doable.

Fasten your seatbelts.