$AMPL is a Multifaceted Piece in a Game of 4D Chess — Learn How to Play

$AMPL — The Basics

  1. $AMPL Basics Explained
  2. Technical Guide to $AMPL for Beginners
  3. Non-Technical $AMPL Guide for Beginners
  4. 6 $AMPL Misconceptions Debunked


How to Trade “Naked” $AMPL

Ampleforth Dashboard (Source)
Excerpt from Ampleforth Redbook (Source)

Pure “Naked” $AMPL Strategies:

  • $AMPL on Aave pool — increase in liquidity and borrow activity.
  • $AMPL across chains — $AMPL on AVAX, $AMPL on Polygon, $AMPL on xyz chain, etc.
  • $AMPL on new DeFi applications — Trader Joe, Pangolin, Benqui, Buttonwood Protocol products (i.e. tranched $AMPL), derivatives, etc.
  • wAMPL — CEX listings, Balancer pools, utilization across DeFi protocols & products

$AMPL on Aave Strategies




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