Will Any $USDC/$USDT Liquidity Providers Switch to $AMPL?

Image from “The calculator site” Check the math of 1.88% daily yourself here.

What's the actual risk?

There is risk, of course. $USDC is a stable asset, $AMPL is more volatile.

How to do it to almost ensure you are SAFE ;)

Here’s your method whales — Don’t buy $10m of $AMPL in one go. It would increase the price TOO much, and the liquidity that you provide to Aave would be available to shorters.

  • So that $AMPL continues to positively rebase.
  • While not flooding too much new $AMPL into Aave which could be grabbed to short.
  • And also not flooding too much $AMPL into Aave to lower the APY rates if it doesn’t all get borrowed.



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