Would $AMPL be Positive for the $OHM DAO Treasury?

  1. Value Appreciation — holding/appreciating in value
  2. Decentralization — resistant to regulatory pressure and central points of control/failure
  3. Diversification — different from other assets in the treasury to reduce risk
  4. Uncorrelation — value is driven independent of the market
  5. Security — time-tested, audited, trusted, secure

5 Benefits $AMPL Would Bring When Included in the $OHM DAO Treasury (or other DAO Treasuries)

1. $AMPL can Grow Treasuries FAST

$AMPL has the potential to increase the $$ size of DAO treasuries incredibly fast.

Top Aave DAO Treasury Assets — Source

2. $AMPL is Secure & Immutable

$AMPL is an immutable, unbreakable, decentralized, and censorship-resistant asset that has been time-tested for +2.5 years. It has been audited and has no back doors as its contract upgradability function has been removed — meaning no one can change $AMPL, disable transfers of $AMPL, or tamper with $AMPL in any way.

3. $AMPL is Decentralized = Less Regulatory Risk

One of the biggest risks to crypto-assets is regulatory risk and the only thing that mitigates this risk is decentralization.

4. $AMPL Diversifies Treasuries

A key component to successful crypto-backed DAO treasuries is diversification because the crypto industry is highly volatile and subject to a variety of risks. By including diversified assets in a treasury, some of the risks can be mitigated.

5. $AMPL is an Uncorrelated Asset

$AMPL Correlation Heat Map — Source

Final Thoughts

$AMPL is an asset that should be on the $OHM DAO’s radar, and on any DAO’s radar for that matter. It just has so much to offer and it checks all the boxes.



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